"HIMEDARUMA" is a folk-art dall in our home town. We are two of us, Hiroshi and Michie Shinmoto, husband and wife from Ehime prifecture where is south west area in Japan, though we have lived in a satellite city of Tokyo.

We started keeping a Maine Coon, Dolagon's Arnold in 1994. We didn't think that we became breeders at that time, and Arnold was only one cat of us and our prince. We started to look for a female the next year, and adopted CH. GP. RW.Westchildren's Konohanasakuyahimie in 1995, we call her Hanako. We planned to breed them once or twice then alter them, because we just wanted to see their babies and enjoyed how kittens were growing up in our home.

Hanako had her first litter in 1996, so we registered our cattery Himedaruma for CFA. It was our start in cat breeding, though we didn't think that we were breeders. GC. Himedaruma's Umisachihiko who is from Hanako's second litter, is our first show cat. We took him a CFA show and we were very happy that he made some finals at kitten class. GC. RW.Himedaruma's Bamtaro from Hanako's third and last litter, is our first campained cat. He acheived 9th Best Cat in Japan region in 1998-1999 show season. He also attended International Cat Show held in Kansas USA in 1998 and we were so excited that he made one final, then got third best cat at Don William's ring. It was one of the happiest show memories of us with him.

We began to aim at breeding beautiful high quality Maine Coons with sweet temperment through our show careers. We were so lucky that some outstanding cats from US joined our breeding program. Now we have had some handsome males and beautiful females for our breeding program. We would like to thank their breeders for sending us such wondeful Maine Coons.

Cattery HIMEDARUMA is registered for CFA and TICA. Michie is a member of CFA Maine Coon Breed Council.

Hanako and Arnold
They are retired, but they still love eatch other. They are a surely nice couple.