Photo Album vol.4

Himedaruma Mikasayama

He is three months old.
He loves to watch T.V.
on Papa's knees.

Himedaruma Red Emperor of Grenade
He is satisufied and licking after the dinner.
What did you eat ? Was it delicious ?

Himedaruma Unimaru
"I like this bed very much ! I got it at a cat show. "

Himedaruma Mambow
He is just 5 months old,
weigh over 4kg.
What a big boy he is !

Himedaruma Andromeda
and her five kittens who are
one month old.
They can eat by themselves,
but still love to mama's berry.

Himedaruma Robert
at a show.
He is trying to go into his cage
by himself.
He is cooperating with the judge.
Don't you think so ?

A Kitten out of Bulldozer and
Andromeda. She is 6 weeks old.

Kittens out of Bulldozer and Andromeda. They are 6 weeks old.
"Shall we dance ?"

Himedaruma Rikoona shishi
"I will be a great Jumper !"

More photos will be coming soon !